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Welcome to the Online Playground Builder

Instructions: Below is a video tutorial explaining how to use this playground builder. At any time during this video you may click on the button below to begin designing your very own playground. The video below can go into full screen mode by hovering your mouse over the video and clicking on the bottom right hand side of this video.

get_started copy.jpg

*Pricing is an estimation based on average installation site conditions. The following may change the cost of installation; machine access, utility lines running through your space, large trees that restrict machine access due to their root systems, permits required by your municipality, removal of existing structures and materials. Product availability and geographic location can be factors that may change your price. Economy of scale is also a factor, for example large spaces may have a lower cost per unit for mulch because larger equipment can be used to install it, thus decreasing required labour. All prices are generally +/- 10%, this builder is for estimation purposes only an may not reflect the 100% accurate price of your playground. Please contact us after completing and saving a playground for an accurate estimate.